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Cashback Help

We want you to be informed, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions.  If you still have a query please feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Q. When will I receive my cashback ?
A. Each offer will advise how long it will take for the cashback to be paid, but this can typically be one month.

Q. What form is cashback paid?
A. Cashback will typically be paid in the form of a gift voucher from a popular retailer (such as Amazon or John Lewis) as this is the most cost effective method of payment, but this may vary as some offers are managed by the provider directly.

Q. Can I be paid electronically or by cheque ?
A. Some offers are managed by the provider directly, and it isn't possible to change the payment method, however please contact us for further information.

Q. How is cashback tracked ?
A. When you sign-up to the offers the information you enter will be recorded, in case there are any queries.  When we receive confirmation that you have fulfilled the offer, your reward will be dispatched immediately.

Q. Who can I contact if I have a query ?
A. You can contact us by clicking on "Contact Us" below.

Q. The cashback offer I applied to is no longer shown - where can I find the details ?
A. There is a summary of all closed cashback offers.  These are offers that may still be running, but are closed to new applicants.